DAAD Wise Scholarship

The DAAD Wise Scholarship Working Internships in Science and Engineering (WISE) program is a research internship scholarship offered to eligible Indian students pursuing higher education in sciences and engineering. DAAD Wise scholars can pursue their research internship at any research institute or public-funded German institute for higher education.

Eligibility criteria for DAAD Wise Scholarship

Students should meet the following criteria to be eligible to receive this prestigious scholarship:


Applicants must be Indian citizens only.

Institute of study

Students should be pursuing their higher education from an eminent institute of higher education in India. You can find the list of eligible institutions here.

Educational Degree/Qualification

Students must be enrolled in a 4-year undergraduate degree or a 5-year integrated master’s degree.

Current Semester

Students must be in their 5th or 6th semester if pursuing a 4-year undergraduate degree or in their 5ht, 6th, 7th, or 8th semester if pursuing a 5-year integrated master’s degree.

Should not have received WISE Scholarship

Students must not have received WISE Scholarship before.

Should not have received WISE Scholarship

Students must not have received WISE Scholarship before.

Duration of DAAD Wise Scholarship

Months in which the DAAD Wise Scholarship is offered: May to August Minimum Time Period: 30 Days Maximum Time Period: 90 Days

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What is the value of money provided for the DAAD Wise Scholarship?

A student will receive a monthly scholarship of 831 euros calculated on a daily basis, i.e., 25 euros per day.

1,050 euros as a traveling allowance is granted to the scholarship recipient.

Health, accident and personal liability insurance of the student is covered in the DAAD Wise Scholarship.

What is the funding granted for?

The DAAD Wise scholarship funds a research internship at any German higher education institute which is either state or public funded or any research institute in Germany.

DAAD Wise scholars can work under scientists, professors or doctoral students in their ongoing research projects.

How to apply for the DAAD Wise Scholarship?

A student has to first independently search for professors or guides agreeing to allow him or her to intern under them. In case a student receives multiple offers, he or she has to accept only one for the internship.

The professors/guides must be working at a German public or state funded higher education institute or research institute only.

The student then has to apply for the scholarship separately. Selection of applicants is done on the basis of overall academic profile and achievements.

For the first step of the DAAD Wise application, the student has to register in the DAAD Wise portal.

The reference form can be downloaded from the DAAD Wise portal during the application period from the “Request reference” section. The student has to ask the referees to fill the form as well as write a freely formulated reference which will be described in the form. It can either be received by the student in a sealed envelope or sent directly to the DAAD address mentioned above. The references are confidential and cannot be viewed by the applicant. A student has to generate one form per referee.

A student then has to download and complete the rest of the application form from his or her side.

Once you complete the online application, download the Application Summary generated on the portal in PDF format after the online application is completed. Send the hardcopy to the DAAD Office in New Delhi.

Address of the DAAD Office: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Regional Office New Delhi c/o DLTA Complex, R.K. Khanna Stadium, 1 Africa Avenue, New Delhi 110029 India

Requirements for the DAAD Wise Scholarship

DAAD Wise Scholarship || Daad wise


  1. Application form (online)
  2. Letter of motivation/Statement of Purpose
  3. Curriculum vitae
  4. Academic transcripts
  5. No Objection Certificate (DAAD Form)
  6. Approval Form by German Host (DAAD Form)
  7. Letter of invitation from host universitys
  8. Internship plan completed by supervisor in Germany
  9. Declaration of Enrollment filled by supervisor in Germany
  10. Declaration of Certificate of Enrollment

When are the DAAD Wise results announced?

The results are usually announced early in the month of February.

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