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Why spend countless our researching study abroad solution? if you want to make an informed decision, then ask our consultants. We help you overcome the struggle with application paperwork, deadlines or getting full scholarships. With our team of scholars, we understand how to meet the unique needs of aspirants who want to study abroad. letsdogre is your one-stop solution when it comes to finding the best study abroad consultants in India.

What services we provide?


General guidance & selection of universities

Save your valuable time and talk to our experts to make your study abroad dream come true. We help you find out the right school and ensure your school receives all the required documents in order and on time. We specialize in helping you in the right way to increase your chance of successful admittance to abroad university or college. With full Awareness, Mentorship, and Training (AMT) program to help them find the right opportunities. 

Our counselors advise the students to help them build a stronger profile. Keeping in mind financial aid, alumni feedback, etc. Keeping in mind financial aid, alumni feedback, etc. we help them decide the right university options for the students to choose from. 

Managerial Support

  • We help the students understand the admission process at those universities.
  • Our consultants help students prepare recommendation letters, SOPs, essays, etc. to help them create a stronger application.
  • This part of counseling includes expert assistance in the application process and financial planning. We also help them prepare financial and academic documents required for admission.
  • Our team guides the students perfectly at each stage of the application process.

Visa Counseling

  • Visa Counseling is quite important. The experts at letsdogre provide the students with the psychological preparation they need to prepare them for Visa Procedure.
  • We provide Visa Counseling along with help in preparing the visa documents.
  • The students are provided with intensive training to help them succeed in Visa Interviews.

The top-notch team of study abroad consultants In India

The team at letsdogre comprises of professors, scientists, and educators from different parts of the world. Our comprehensive programs and streamlined methodology helps us to provide the students with the right support to help them study abroad in their dream university. We provide personalized guidance to help students have an edge over others

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