how to write a statement of purpose



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how to write a statement of purpose

Universities overseas may ask you to submit your application along with a How to write a statement of purpose that may tell about your long and short-term goals, your career interests, and how you’re valuable to the university. SOP assists the admission panel to choose deserving aspirants for the courses released by them.

What is a Statement of Purpose?

A statement of Purpose or research statement or letter of intent is written by the students to the admission panel for the courses they offered to students. SOP tells the admission panel about students, who they are, what their career interests are, motivations, academic background, and long-term & short-term goals that aware them why candidates want to opt for that particular course. Universities ask students to submit their Statement of purpose format in essay form, but, many universities follow a question-based format. SOP plays an essential role in admission to your dream institution, as impactful SOP is, as better the chances will be.

Statement of Purpose Format

Why SOP is necessary?

A properly built-up SOP is very much mandatory for a student to get admission to his preferable college. Before moving with the final decision, many other facets of a student were also taken into consideration. Candidate’s academic records, backlog certificates, and other exam scorecards were equally taken on a necessary basis to evaluate each student.
Statement of Purpose not only helps to investigate the academic background of a student, but it also flashes light on how excellent you’re at expressing your thoughts through writing.

What are all things incorporated in the Statement of Purpose?

faq on Statement of Purpose

  • Paragraph 1: Tell about your career interests and what encouraged you to choose that particular course. 
  • Paragraph 2: Talk about your graduate and undergraduate career. 
  • Paragraph 3: Tell about your recent or current professional background. 
  • Paragraph 4: Provide details about your academic interests. 

Both statement of purpose and the motivational letter is almost the same. The difference is SOP includes personal details of past learning experiences incorporated with past ones. In addition, SOP contains more detailed information about the candidate than the motivation of the letter. 

A letter of motivation on the other hand is written that will be helpful for admission panels to comprehend candidates' objectives and career goals and plans. 

Here are some of the common mistakes that must be avoided while writing SOP.

  1. Building SOP at the last minute.
  2. Not preparing an impactful introduction and conclusion.
  3. Including informal language or slang.
  4. Talking too much about backlogs.
  5. Going beyond the word limit.
  6. Going away from the relevant information.
  7. Using colorful images or texts.
  8. Being dishonest in your SOP.
  9. Using flattery language.
  10. No proofreading.


how to write a statement of purpose

Statement of Purpose application for Undergraduates

Statement of Purpose application for Postgraduates

Tips to write an effective Statement of Purpose

Students often get perplexed while creating a Statement of Purpose, this increase the chance of other candidates to hassle-free get selected. Therefore, SOP must be created and answered in the manner the admission committee wants. Here are a few tips that will help applicants to create an appealing Statement of Purpose. 

how to write a statement of purpose

How to create a convincing Statement of Purpose?

No matter, whether you’re applying for graduate, undergraduate, or post-graduate courses, a well-planned statement of purpose can help the admission panel to better understand your uniqueness and help them in an instant selection. The statement of Purpose is divided into different paragraphs. Here is the guide to curate simple and impactful SOP format:

• Introduction

Aspirants are required to tell about their preferred course not about themselves. Candidates must explain why they have taken this course, their future expectations from the course, and their interest in the selected course.
Moreover, you can also talk about your long-term and short-term goal from the chosen course. In addition, share your interest in work after the completion of the course or want to go with higher education and research.

• Educational Background

Candidates were asked to share information about their college or school. If candidates don’t have any work experience then they can share their achievements, published reports, assignments, or projects.

• Professional Background

If you ever worked full-time, part-time, freelancer, or have done any training or internship, then share your work experience and skills.

• Why do you want to pursue the particular course?

Portray the reason why you want to pursue that particular course. Also, highlight the syllabus and on elaborate skills that you want to improve. Furthermore, specify how it can help to enhance your career and achieve your goals.

• Career goals

It’s the vital paragraph where you can highlight your long and short-term goals, what will be your future job profile, and which company you want to work for or want to commence your own business, you can also share your business mission, vision, ethics, and how it will be helpful for the industry. Remember don’t talk about anything, for instance, you want to study abroad so you can settle in a foreign company, it might affect supervisors negatively.

• Why do you want to opt for the particular institution?

Here you need to highlight why you’re the ideal candidate for the institution. Talk about course curriculum, faculty names, and organization-distinct activities to ameliorate your profile.

• Conclude Paragraph

Endure your path and uncover challenges that might come while studying abroad, how your confidence, dedication, and skills can assist in the particular field and can help the industry to make amazing differences.

Statement of Purpose Examples

Statement of Purpose for MBA

The MBA is the most sought-after degree for anyone who evaluates business operations and is required to operate a profitable firm. I want to study MBA with a specialty in marketing at XYZ institution in Australia because I want to be a great company leader.
The first milestone was when I graduated from ‘my institute’ with the top honours in my Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA). Following that, I applied for a three-month paid internship program at XXXX business. My abilities were recognized, and the firm hired me, first for a half-day and subsequently as a full-time employee. I began as a management trainee and am now in a managing position after 6 months.
I recognize that a BBA degree alone will not suffice to launch a successful profession. I raised my concerns with the company’s executives. One of them advised me to look into management education programs in Australia. He also recommended XABCXX University.
As a result, I am applying to your university to gain a global perspective and necessary business skills. It will not only help me convert into a marketing manager, but it will also help me become a leader in dealing with corporate difficulties. My interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities, and desire to be a leader make me a great candidate for a position at the institution.
I am applying to your institute since it is a well-known institution that provides hands-on training and project familiarisation. This will allow me to concentrate on critical business practices in the actual world in real-time. I am also familiar with Australian culture, having learned about it from close friends and family who have visited the country. It’s not difficult for me to adjust to.
I will be able to realize my long-term objective of becoming a marketing leader after completing the course. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and I am hoping for a favorable answer from your respected university.
Thank you,

Statement of Purpose for Internships

I am a Mechanical Engineering student at IP University, with a focus in Auto Engineering. In October 2022, I will receive my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I’m glad to say that I’m one of the finest students in my class and that I’m always eager to learn new things in my industry. During my first job, I was able to gather sufficient information and experience in my classroom, workshops, and practice sessions. I intend to enroll in XXX university’s XXXX technology graduate program. Automobile engineering is a fundamental field in the Mechanical stream that I find more interesting and practical than other fields.
I’ve also been actively participating for the past four years to better my grasp and mastery of the subjects, and I’ve completely liked the process. I want to study Motor Sports Design and Technology at university so that I can participate in and examine the different design and engineering phenomena observed in Automobile Engineering. It will rely on proper evaluation and use of engineering features. Material properties, design parameters, and manufacturing are all areas of interest for me, and I’m particularly interested in Body Design Mechanics, Sketching, and Clay Modelling.
Throughout my summer vacations, I interned at XXX, a Delhi-based Automobile Engineering Design and Consulting firm. During my time at XXX, I was in charge of a variety of duties that required the use of computer-aided design. I liked learning about the theory behind engineering applications and getting hands-on experience. I’ve done the drafting and calculations for the design. For me, performing stress analysis was a thrilling profession. It astounded me and provided me with a clear picture of the amount of effort required to develop a single element with such great accuracy and precision.
In the middle of my program, I competed in a state-level presentation competition and placed second. Renewable fuels were the theme of my presentation, and I learned that this fuel has a bright future. When it came to writing a paper, I had no idea where to start and got stopped in several stages. However, I decided to enlist the assistance of one of my professors, and it worked out beautifully. Finally, the faculty members complimented me on my accomplishment. From the experience, I learned that giving up isn’t a good option and that there is a solution to every problem. The Society of Automobile Engineers is hosting an event, and I am one of the participants.
My project will be an experimental decision for engineering and design that will cover the broadest range of mechanical and automobile engineering topics. I shall provide a formal written report describing various procedures and results of study and involvement at the end of this semester.
My career ambition is to work as a Motor Sports Design Engineer, where I will be able to design and research engines utilizing a variety of design precision tools with utmost.

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