It is a higher education degree that is done after a bachelor's degree. This graduation degree usually takes at least 2 years to complete depending on the subject the student has chosen. It is a specialized advanced study which is also known as a Master's degree or Doctoral degree. Most of the universities in the US offer Master's degrees in various subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, Business administration, and Management courses. Some of the recommended universities in the US are Massachusetts of Technolgy, Stanford University, Harvard University, California Institute of Technology, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale University

Why choose the US for Masters?

It is highly recommended to choose US universities for further studies because the world's top 50 universities are in the US only. Because the US universities have excellent academic standards which makes them renowned all over the world. There are a few more reasons why to choose the US for graduation:

  1. Advanced technology :

The US is well equipped with the latest technology and with upgraded skills Which leads to higher education programs with advanced research capabilities. they also focus in small-size classrooms so that they can nurture the students to the fullest. The students are also given practical training on their specific subjects. Getting a degree with the latest technology makes the students more confident and updated with other students of the world. The government also invests a handsome amount in machinery and research work.

  1. Scholarship programs :

The students can avail different scholarship programs according to their scoreboard in their academics, aptitude test, English proficiency, and logical reasoning. They provide various courses in campus to support students for their better adjustments in the universities. On average, they offer 10,000 USD  annually for graduate students.

  1. Enriched with healthy competitions:

As these universities have students across the globe with different cultural backgrounds and skills which gives all the international students a platform for healthy competition and learnings with each other. The screening process of the institution gives opportunities to the students to interact with each other.

  1. Excellent support system :

The international students are given comfort by providing them assistance in choosing their food, accommodation, and also visa extensions. They are also given some internship and scholarship opportunities to cope up with the expenses of the US.

  1. Other curricular activities :

Apart from studying your course, you can involve yourself in sports activities, clubs or other activities from where you can get vocational training also. You are also given opportunities for a cultural exchange program where you can explore different kinds of people with different cultural background.

  1. Flexibility in choosing the subjects :

In the US there are plenty of courses for MS degree in which you can do specialization. Along with this US is famous for providing academic flexibility in which they can customize the course of their choice and do specialization in the course.

  1. Career Options:

The students have multiple choices in choosing their career. As university offers various choices for the students to opt. Also, the students from US university has a brighter opportunity for work because they appear outstanding and are given special consideration if they have a degree from the US. In this way, their earning capacity increases much more than others. The most important is that the government gives two years work visa after a Master’s degree course.


There are various formalities to be done before applying for master's in the US.

  1. A standarized test score is required before the admissions which vary from subject to subject This is required to judge the students academically.
  2. The students have to submit GMAT /GRE scores also in some universities to get waiver.
  3. They also have to give TOEFL exam which is an English proficiency test in order to get admission to US universities.

Various document is required to submit for further studies like

  1. Transcript and Marksheet of the earlier institution are required which should be attested by the principal of the former.
  2. The CV should be attached with other documents in which a detailed description of your research 3work and experience should be mentioned.
  3. Statement of purpose in a written form has to be submitted with the form in which your purpose of applying for the course, and your expectations from the course have to be mentioned.
  4. The recommendation letter at least 2 is required to submit along with other documents.
  5. A Current Bank statement is required to be submitted in which sufficient balance is needed for at least 1-year fees of the course.
  6. The applicant has to submit Health Insurance also for their convenience.
  7. Identity proof is a pre-requisite for Visa formalities.


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