Why Should I do a PhD in the US?

If you’re wondering, “Why should I do a Ph.D. in the US?” you should know that the United States of America is one of the most desirable destinations for individuals seeking brilliant knowledge and learning opportunities to facilitate their careers. As of 2020, the scientific research and development industry in the USA holds a staggering $170.8 billion, according to the survey done by IBIS World. This clearly indicates the emphasis given to research and development in the country. The top-grade standard of education in the US is another reason why you should consider pursuing your doctoral degree here.

The USA is considered a booming place to study among both international and local students. Obtaining a degree from here is the dream of several talents. The degree from here is acknowledged and appreciated globally, due to its high value the students can easily get some career-building jobs and opportunities around the world. The ever-growing atmosphere of the USA increases the competition among students. Therefore, students must acquire a suitable degree in their preferable college or university, they have to dedicatedly work hard to land themselves in that place.

Universities and research labs were granted research funding to seek potential talent. This is to be done by signing a bond with Human Resources executive search firms through recruitment websites. PhD is considered one of the high-level educational degrees, the doctorate that can be opted for by any student all over the world. The necessities and demands are distinct from region to region as it’s a landmark degree.

The PhD scholar gets a salary ranging from about $ 15,000 to $ 30,000 in the countries like the USA. It may differ by what a PhD scholar has done in his qualification or by the nature of the job. In addition, PhD scholars hold the trump card in jobs too. Either they can get the offer of a teacher, professor, or faculty in a university or they can get a job in a reputed organization in their field.

Let’s discuss a few benefits of pursuing a PhD from the USA, the below points will be helpful for students to know whether they’re making the right choice if it’s on your list.

  1. Bright Career Opportunities

PhD scholars from the USA are considered to have bright and prosperous job opportunities in their relevant fields. It’s not because they carry a higher degree of education. Still, their research and experience make them potential candidates and enhance the possibility of getting a job in any praiseworthy organization with other candidates. 

In addition, the USA has an affinity for research; this can also be why Ph.D. scholars land themselves acquiring thriving and well-paying jobs. 

  1. Upgrade Skills 

Pursuing a Ph.D. in the USA benefits or is concerned with making you a scholar and an all-rounder capable of succeeding wherever you go globally. Furthermore, the programs offered here focus on improving your decision-making, time management, and problem-solving skills, which will be beneficial in uplifting your personality. 

  1. Awareness of New Knowledge & Skills 

PhD scholars from the USA not only got the knack to become famous through their theories and research work. But they also had the opportunity to become famous with their dedicated research. The USA gives global exposure to candidates; this is the only way you can ace. 

4. Funding is always Guaranteed 

Candidates pursuing a PhD in the USA are motivated to approach external funding via federal grants or private research institutes- it’s not always necessary. Instead, the PhD minimal scholar was granted a tuition waiver and a stipend when they’re ongoing studies. 

The stipend is a basic payment provided to candidates twice a year while their studies continue. The cost may be minimal, but it’s helpful to students to cover their living costs. 

Since PhD students don’t have enough time for a part-time job, universities offer them extra basic payouts to support students during their studies. The Ph.D. stipends in the US are between $23000 to $33000. However, the stipend differs based on areas of study, cost of living around the campuses, and universities or departments.

Remember, universities are pretty strict with the stipend. 

Candidates who seek a fully-funded Ph.D. have to apply to the university quite early. If the candidates miss the deadline, their application will be considered; however, the funding will not be provided. Furthermore, the stipend will last only till the duration of the PhD

If the candidate knows that the research may take more than 4 or 5 years, then opting for external funding options can help cover the remaining years until the dissertation is completed. Any candidate who does a Ph.D. in the research university was provided the benefit of having funding from the university rather than scholarships. 

5. Employers hire candidates with upgraded skills 

When the hiring manager goes through the resume and finds out that the candidate earned a Ph.D. degree, they’ll immediately hire you, as they know you’ve spent years enhancing your skills through compiling research, gathering data, and finally coming out with a conclusion persuasively and cohesively.

The degree helps you stand out from the competition; landing your dream job will make you understand how valuable and worth your degree and time is. 

6. Candidates gather a vast network of developed colleagues 

Candidates who hold a Ph.D. degree coordinate with professionals during their studies and build connections. Working together with experts in the field, professionals, department heads, and fellow researchers will help the candidate develop the required and essential resources. The network of colleagues can assist students with career advice, collaboration, references, and job leads. 

7. You get a more preferable job market 

The possibility of getting the preferred job may not be fulfilled when your undergraduate degree is completed, even if the candidate has been in the workforce for a few years. Also, even after the delay, there is no guarantee that things will turn out in their favor. If the candidate couldn’t get a better internship degree, then the Ph.D. degree works well for them, as it’s helpful to build their professional network. This works great for standing out and defeating the highly competitive ones. 

Some of the best PhD degrees include

If you’ve decided to pursue a PhD degree in the USA then below is the list of topmost and most valuable fields that can boom your career. The programs were growing rapidly and also has the highest-paying doctorate degrees in 2022.

  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • Management 
  • English
  • Business Administration
  • Cyber security
  • Criminal Justice 
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

Points to Remember

Pursuing a Ph.D. requires a significant amount of commitment. Therefore, it’s crucial to take time and make a better decision. Remember to keep the following points in mind while evaluating a doctorate. 

  • Make sure you’re making the right choice, and ask yourself all the required questions, as the doctorate commitment can affect more than just you. 
  • Decide which program is perfect for you to facilitate your field. 
  • Research your field carefully, and before finalizing your degree, evaluate the job market. 
  • After reviewing both sides of the coin, evaluate the pros and cons and decide where and how you have to go further. 

Once your degree is finalized, stay focused and work hard. It may be hard years, but years will be worth working after that.


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