Extracurricular Activities in Resume

Essential things to keep in mind while participating in Extracurricular Activities in Resume and mentioning them in college applications

Important things to keep in mind while participating in extracurricular activities and mentioning them in college applications

You now have a solid understanding of the range of extracurricular activities that are available to you, as well as their significance. To find out what kinds of extracurricular activities you can participate in, Activities Outside of the Classroom

When discussing them in your college application, bear the following points in mind. Even though it could be tempting to get involved in as many extracurricular activities as you can, you should choose which extracurricular activities you want to participate in. A few things to consider when engaging in extracurricular activities and listing them on your application are as follows.

Deep Involvement:

Colleges wish to see deep involvement in anything that you do, including the extracurricular activities that you take part in. This means that colleges are interested in the depth of your participation in your extracurricular activities rather than the breadth of the number of extracurricular activities you take part in.

Remember that it is always better to devote more hours to a few extracurricular activities and do exceptionally well in them instead of participating in a massive bunch of random extracurriculars and doing mediocre in them.

Genuine Interest:

Regardless of whether you are going for a “well-rounded” or a “spiked” approach, the extracurricular activities that you describe on your application should demonstrate that you are not only trying to impress the people who are in charge of college admissions; instead, they should also speak to your actual passions and interests.

How to show genuine interest in the extracurricular activities that you pursue?

Competitions, Contests, Awards and Recognitions:

One way to show that you are genuinely interested in what you are doing is by winning competitions for the extracurriculars that you do at the city, state, national, or international level. Winning such contests proves your excellence in them. The higher the story of the competition, the more brownie points.

Mentioning them in your essays:

In your writings, you also have the option of making brief references to or discussing these activities. Writing by itself, on the other hand, is insufficient. Participating in competitions and events will need you to “show rather than talk” about what you are doing when it comes to your activities.

Gaining a leadership position:

In the event that you are a member of your club or team, you should strive to achieve a position of leadership within it. How come? Because those who have been there for a significant amount of time and have had a significant impact are the ones who are awarded these seats. In order to demonstrate how much effort you put into that extracurricular activity, you might utilize this as evidence.

How to put up extra co curricular activities on the college application:

No one activity stands out as the best when it comes to extracurricular activities. The thing that genuinely makes an extracurricular activity memorable is when it is taken to the next level.

Always keep in mind that the number of hours you spend participating in extracurricular activities ought to be appropriate, but that it is essential to commit more time to each of these activities.

In the event that you are a member of an orchestra and play an instrument, for example, you can discover that 10 hours per week is approximately adequate. Rather than that, let’s imagine that someone writes for thirty hours every week merely to demonstrate that they have put in the effort. Considering that a student’s schedule is already jam-packed with extracurricular activities, it is unreasonable to anticipate that they will commit more than three hours to a single action in addition to everything else that they are required to write about. Because of this, the work will give the impression of being fake.

In contrast, if you are a student participating in an exchange program, you will have the opportunity to devote forty hours a week to writing because it is the only thing you are doing.


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