Ph.D. in Forensic Sciences in the USA

What is the purpose of a Ph.D. in Forensic Sciences?

A Ph.D. in forensic science is a rewarding career for those looking forward to applying scientific methods and principles to aid legal decision-making matters in law.

While some universities have a separate PhD program in Forensic Science, others offer one under the Chemistry Department.

One can also get a fully funded PhD in Forensic Science, depending on whether the university they are applying to has a provision for that or not.

Careers after Ph.D. in Forensic Sciences

Are you wondering about job prospects after a Ph.D. in forensic sciences? Forensic Science PhD opportunities are vast in number. Here, we have listed a few job roles someone can take up.

Pharmaceutical companies, law and research organizations, hospitals, colleges, and universities always seek students with a Ph.D. in Forensic Sciences. Hence, one can opt for many Forensic Science PhD opportunities.

Research areas related to Ph.D. in Forensic Sciences

PhD in Forensic Science

Application Requirements for a Ph.D. in Forensic Sciences in the USA

1. Master’s Degree

Candidates applying for a Ph.D. in Forensic Sciences must have a master’s degree in a related study area.

Applicants must check in advance if their master’s degree courses satisfy the course completion requirements of the universities they are applying to for a Ph.D. in Forensic Sciences.

If not, the universities generally offer a few courses to fulfill the requirements.

2. Letters of Recommendation

The number of letters of recommendation required will vary from university to university. While some universities might require only one letter of recommendation, some might require even three. Always check the admission requirements of the universities you wish to apply to.

But no matter how many letters of recommendation are required, one thing is for sure- you will require them, no matter what, and they hold a vital role in your college application process.

You can receive letters of recommendation from your previous professors, research guides, previous employers, etc., at your convenience and according to the requirements of the universities you are applying to.

3. English Proficiency Proof

TOEFL or IELTS are the most common English proficiency tests universities in the USA require for international students.

The minimum score required in these exams is always on the university’s application requirements page. Sometimes, the universities might not have a minimum score needed but would still require you to submit your scores.

4. GRE Scores

Some universities will require you to take the GRE, and as in the case of TOEFL and IELTS, you might or might not have minimum GRE score requirements.

Confirm the application requirements of a university before applying.

5. Statement Of Purpose

When you apply for a Ph.D. in forensic science in the USA, universities want to see a strong motivation in you to opt for the same. Your Statement Of Purpose is the best place to demonstrate your interest in the subject and the university you are applying to.

You can also mention exciting facts about yourself, your hobbies, and your long-term and short-term goals.

Sometimes, universities will ask you to write your Statement Of Purpose on a particular topic, including specific pointers, like your interests, motivations, goals, or extracurriculars. In such a case, stick to the topic and write what is requested.

You can also be given a word limit for your Statement Of Purpose. Adhering to the limit set by the university is essential.

6. Academic Transcripts

Every university you apply to will ask for official academic transcripts from your previous colleges and schools. Ensure you have them ready when it is time to apply to the university.

The transcripts should include all the courses you have taken previously and the marks scored or the grades obtained.

7. Curriculum Vitae

Suppose you are applying for a PhD in Forensic Science in the USA. In that case, a university might sometimes require you to have a curriculum vitae or a CV prepared to submit to the university and to the professor under whom you wish to complete your PhD.

PhD in Forensic Science

US Universities Offering Ph.D. in Forensic Science

1. West Virginia University

Application Requirements:

  1. Personal Statement/ Statement of Purpose
  2. GRE with a minimum score of 300 taken within the last seven years before applying
  3. Academic transcripts
  4. Three letters of recommendation
  5. Research writing example of a thesis or a peer-reviewed paper

Application Deadline:

  1. Early Review of applications begins on December 15
  2. The application deadline is, however, January 15

2. Oklahoma State University

Application Requirements:

  1. Three letters of recommendation
  2. Master’s degree
  3. For international students, proof of proficiency in English, i.e., TOEFL or IELTS scores


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